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Ep. 12 Who in their right mind would try to swim around Islay?! Bad a$$ explorers, that’s who!

July 19, 2017

What do you get when you mix two guys from the world famous Explorer's Club, a love for Scotland, and Islay, and whisky? A crazy idea to swim around the island of Islay, that's what! Too often pronounced as "Iss-lay," or "Eye-Lay," Scotland's wonderful whisky island, Islay (actually pronounced "Eye-Lah"), is about to have two crazy American adventure swimmers give it a big 'ol swimmy hug!

Listen in as the boys talk with Chad Anderson and Justin Fornal (aka Baron Ambrosia, yes, THE Baron Ambrosia) about their plans to undertake the 100 mile swim around the island of Islay (aka The Great Islay Swim

Because Joshua and Jason believe in these boys as much as they do, they decided to sponsor their entire trip, which includes their film crew, and have designed a 7 person party WhiskyGeek Tour to follow them along the way. We're not sure which group is more crazy!

So, as usual, have a seat, have a pour, and listen in. Unless you're driving. If you're driving, be smart and stay sober but be sure to listen into the conversation!

Special thanks to:

- Weigh Down for allowing us to use their song "Wooden Monsters" as our theme song
- Moana McAuliffe for designing our Podcast Logo
- Blue Yeti for making great microphones
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- Joshua Hatton for producing and editing