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Ep. 11 Spending time with James Wills of Islay’s Farm Distillery: Kilchoman

July 5, 2017

Twelve years into distilling, maturing, and filling bottles with delicious Islay whisky, Kilchoman has found its groove. Known as Islay's Farm Distillery, Kilchoman is producing whisky much in the way the Scots did more than 100 years ago; all by hand, all without computers, all on a farm.

Listen in as Joshua has a conversation with Kilchoman's very own James Wills. The conversation is great, the boys get nerdy over Kilchoman's process. They discuss how supply chains can be established and held through a gentlemen's agreement, and both of them enjoy a small-child sized, 12 egg omelet.

So, as usual, have a seat, have a pour, and listen in. Unless you're driving. If you're driving, be smart and stay sober but be sure to listen into the conversation!

Special thanks to:

- Weigh Down for allowing us to use their song "Wooden Monsters" as our theme song
- Moana McAuliffe for designing our Podcast Logo
- Blue Yeti for making great microphones
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- Joshua Hatton for producing and editing